About ΑΓΩ Product

ΑΓΩ is an augmented reality training system which arms people with skills and self-confidence to learn how to act appropriately in threatened situations and therefore when they face those threatened situations in their real life they know how to confront them.

Mobile ΑΓΩ

2 Mobile VR headsets & 1 Motion Tracking Camera with embedded processor
  • Full Body Recognition without wearable equipment
  • Real time interaction within the virtual world
  • Simultaneous presence of both clinician and patient
  • Portable - No computer needed
  • Easy to use - Plug and Play
  • Low cost - Not external equipment required

Desktop ΑΓΩ

1 Mobile VR headset, 2 Motion Tracking Cameras & a Desktop Computer
  • Full Body & Hands Recognition without wearble equipment
  • Real time interaction within the virtual world
  • High recognition accuracy
  • Realistic Virtual Reality environment

mobile - Elevator environment

DESKTOP - Body & Hand

mobile - spIDER phobia

DESKTOP - Body & Hand


Dynamic Adaptive System